Thankyou Jo for this great testimonial “Thank goodness for Gastroplus! After being diagnosed with ulcers, Bella was ‘treated’ with omeperazole but as soon as she was weened off, all symptoms returned. After reading such great things about Gastroplus I knew it was time to give Deborah a call and boy did she know her stuff! Within a week Bella changed from being totally unrideable to a comfortable, willing horse ready to return to training. Despite various stressful events including a loading accident, box rest, moving yards and multiple outings, Bella has been completely perfect with no signs of ulcers or discomfort whatsoever. Can’t recommend enough! Picture below of Bella and her trainer competing at BD Novice regionals scoring 69.5% and coming 6th 😃 ” Jo #GastroPlus #EquineScience


Does anyone have an itchy horse/pony? Do they like eating the soil? If you do and there is no obvious reason for this it is probably due to lack of minerals!!! Contact us to get more information about this new formula.

Thankyou Jan for your great Calming Cookie Testimonial “I would just like to let you know how amazingly effective your Calming Cookies are. We have a highly strung (but lovely!) 16hh warmblood who becomes fairly unmanageable at events. His dressage is lovely at home, but he switches off at competitions and refuses to listen, resulting in shockingly high scores. I’ve always been very dubious about calmers, but a friend gave me some Calming Cookies to try. The results were quite amazing. For the first time ever we were able to put studs in his feet when we arrived at a ODE. He had travelled better and did not sweat up on the way there, and he achieved a very respectable dressage score. He really was a different horse, so much easier to handle and much more relaxed and calm. Many thanks for a great product! Kind Regards, Jan Massey” #Calming #Cookies #EquineScience

Digestive help and advice for your Horses find out more #GastroPlus #Gastric #Ulcers #Maintenence

Thankyou Alex for your great testimonial, we love hearing your updates! “My Holsteiner x ISH has always been a little lazy to school but the first signs of things getting worse was when her faeces became very loose. Shortly after this, Bella’s behaviour in the field changed. She spent time yawning, licking and head shaking instead of eating. I put her on probiotics initially which improved her faeces but not her unusual behaviour. Her ridden work deteriorated and within 10 days of the first signs of something being wrong and I struggled to get her into a trot let alone canter. She had worn her toes slightly on both back feet over the last 2 weeks (toe dragging) in addition to poor performance under saddle. I googled the combination of behaviours and was led to believe this may be hind gut ulcers. (The colon being towards the right side of the horse gives a reason for the off side hind being more worn with toe dragging than the left).Through a friend and equine client recommending Equine Science, I phoned Deborah who listened to my concerns and recommended Gastro plus for my mare. Her licking, yawning and lack of appetite disappeared in 4 days. I felt comfortable to get on board after 7 days, without causing her discomfort and within 10 days we were cantering and jumping!! Only 20 days into the 30 day treatment and although she occasionally shows signs of fatigue after 20 minutes schooling, my mare has never felt this good. Alex Riesen BSc (Hons), PGCE, Dip ESMT” #GastroPlus

My horse is quite an anxious character and showed some symptoms of ulcers – reluctant to go forward, bucked in canter, reluctant to really engage his tummy muscles and ‘lift’ his top line so struggled to develop muscle there. He had also started chewing his stable. I had a long chat with Deborah who was incredibly helpful and recommended a course of GastroPlus. Within two days Fidget was much happier to go forward and had stopped bucking in canter. He’s now on the maintenance product and within a week of being off it he started wood chewing and being less forward when ridden, so I now make sure I never run out! Customer service is also top class. Cannot recommend this product enough!

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Thankyou Leanda Thomas for your lovely testimonial…… “Absolutely thrilled with the results of gastro plus after just two weeks. We have gone from bucking and rearing to just a bit of tail swishing and an occasional nap. Eating much better and generally more settled . Coat in much better condition too.” #GastroPlus #EquineScience

Contact Deborah for any information on our #equine #Uveitis Treatment. The ingredients for the #Uveitis #Equine stand alone formula are: Vitamin A Turmeric Vitamin E Echinacea L-Arginine Benfotiamine Aloe Jalapeno Chili Bilberry Leaf Eyebright Herb Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin 1% DCP) #equine #science #makingadifference