Meet Henry and Sarah………..” I bought Henry only 6 weeks after his last race and turned him out for a couple of months to ‘come down’.
On bringing him back into work he dropped a lot of weight, became very withdrawn, dull in his eyes and coat, he had very wet and sloppy droppings and he was extremely picky around food. It would take him a lot of time to eat his dinner and he barely touched his haynet at night. i wormed him, had blood tests taken, his teeth rasped and played around with feed, all to no avail. I then tried a number of products in the market to help with what I suspected to be gastric ulcers and felt that although there were minor improvements I still had a very unhappy horse on my hands. Things took a turn for the worse when he started sweating and displaying colic symptoms after being worked. It was at this point I knew that he needed some serious help as things were not looking good. I was really not keen to going down the veterinary route of scoping as i didnt want to put him through anymore stress and I hadnt heard great things about conventional chemical treatments. I am also a massive believer in all things natural and this includes health treatments where ever possible. So I undertook some serious gastric and stomach ulcers research. It was at this time that I came across the equine science website.
Having rung and had a lengthy conversation with Deborah who was simply brilliant and had all the time in the world to chat through my situation I purchased Gastro Plus. Within a week the results were amazing, I had a much much happier horse who was eating all his dinner and had gone from eating half a haynet a night to eating the whole lot. After the initial treatment we found that he was still displaying some symptoms of discomfort and after speaking with Deborah again we felt that his ulcers must be pretty severe and that he needed another course of the Gastro Plus. Since then we have never looked back.