We love hearing your Equine Science Stories This is from Sandra in Germany
“Hello, My name is Sandra Baumann Barrel Racing and Pole Bending and I´m a D1 Barrel racer in Germany. I run competitions and shows in Netherland Belgium and Germany (once a year USA too where I met Tana Poppino and Goose this year) and visit the Italian competitons. We won the regional Championships (NBHA) last year in both barrels and poles (fastest times in West/middle Germany )
I am sucessfully using Calming Cookies and Muscle Mass, especially the Calming cookies impressed me a lot, since I have my older horse kept happy and healthy with them during a weekend at a show. He lives outside all his life and gets quite stressed when he has to be in a stall (quit eating and drinking, nostrils up, stomach up, don’t want to go in the stall again…) with Calming cookies he keeps eating and drinking and shows no signs of stress, super happy with this product!!”