Stomach Function Maintenance™
This daily formula will support healthy digestion and gastric function as well as maintaining your horse’s overall health and condition.A combination of superior raw and natural, high quality ingredients (vitamins, minerals and herbs) which provide the essential nutritional building blocks for the healthy horse.
Contains no known prohibited substances as defined by the BHA & FEI.
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Available in the following 80 scoop bags • Regular• With Extra Calmer• With Added Joint & Calmer• With Added Joint Support• With Added Soft Tissue Support• With Added Support for Laminitis
Daily Dose Weight Guide:¾ x scoop for400 – 495 kilos1 x scoop for 500 – 520 kilos1 ¼ scoops for 525 – 530 kilos1 ½ scoops for 535 – 570 kilos1 ¾ scoops for 575 – 650 kilos2 x scoops for 655+ kilos
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