My horse, Markavitch Star was diagnosed with ulceration at the end of 2012. He was treated in the normal advised manner by the veterinary surgeon. He represented with ulcers despite all the treatment in February, September and December 2013 when he was found to have two large areas of nacrotic gut. He was so ill we were warned to prepare ourselves for euthanasia. He was re treated at length and had most of 2014 off in the field as advised.
It seemed that he was not able to come off Omprazalone however he represented with ulcers again in April 2015. This time there was little treatment left open to him. In doing research I found Equine Science and Gastro Plus. Having spoken to Equine Science founder, Deborah Gibbins I took a huge leap of faith and removed all medicine and put him on Gastro Plus.
The results speak for themselves. Within a week I had a calm, easier to ride horse. He is relaxed and soft to ride but maintains his competitive edge. I would recommend anyone with a horse with ulcers to try this product. It does what it says on the tin! I look forward to posting competition results soon!