“Just thought I would email you an update on how Mr Maynard is doing on yourgastro plus supplement.
Mr Maynard is a 6 year old ex racehorse.
I turned Mr Maynard away on livery with a “friend” of mine who I trusted to look after him as well as I would of done. After just 4 weeks I went to see him and had to immediately bring him home, he was a different horse. Maynard was very down in himself, dull coat, but very very stressed. Would stand tied up screaming, weaving and constantly windsucking.
He has been on the gastro plus for nearly 4 weeks now and is a different horse completely, even quieter than the horse that went away. He is much happier in himself, and started to get his shine back. He will now come in and stand quietly, something which 4 weeks ago was impossible to do. (We even had to twitch him for the farrier he was so stressed!) his wind sucking has decreased massively (I use a collar now to try and stop the habit) and I
am super super happy with his progress and would like to thank you very much. I am really pleased I decided to go with your product before trying any others!
I have included photos from when he came back from that place and from yesterday.
Thanks again!”
Samantha Goodier http://ow.ly/i/kBDMb