A great new testimonial “Thought I would give you an update on my experience of using the Calming Cookies™ last Sunday on our 35k Endurance Ride. Here’s my picture of Austin concentrating on the photographer at the end of the track. I can say that he definitely rode differently! We ride on our own and normally Austin would be looking at every different thing and spooking side-ways, dropping his back and trying to run out from below the saddle. But on this ride, he felt more at ease, no silly spooking at all, he was concentrating and moving much more forward than usual. We even went on to take the Best Condition award! Thanks Derek” We LOVE to hear your Equine Science Success Stories, so feel free to tell us how you are getting on with our GREAT products! #Calming #Cookies #Equine #Science http://ow.ly/i/mD7CN