Equine Science UK provides a cutting edge line of nutritional formulas for health, maintenance, competition and recovery for your athletic equine. All of our products contain natural ingredients of the highest quality to help insure our client’s success. With the use of my Nitric Oxide Pathway technology, our proprietary blends focus on protein, vitamins, amino acids, herbs and mineral supplements. All of our products comply with the British Horseracing Authority. I have been formulating for over 20 years in the equine industry, since 2010 I concentrated on formulas for thoroughbred and quarter horse racing, dressage, hunter, show jumping, barrel racing, team roping, polo, reining and pleasure. We pride ourselves in being a company that you can trust and depend on, and most importantly, to help you the best we possibly can. We understand each horse is different and needs a supplement specific to their needs. We give you the ability to customize formulas for your horse. Each horse is special and here at Equine Science we can be as specific and customized as formulating the supplement off of your horse’s unique blood work. You will be providing your horse with the best products possible to improve their stamina, strength and faster recovery time. Our goal is to consistently provide you with the best products, service and price. Nitric Oxide Pathways – This unique technology separates us from all other products and is the new gold standard for providing optimum health. #NitricOxide