Thankyou Wendy for your Great update “We have nearly completed the course of GastroPlus after talking in depth with the very helpful lady at Equine Science. I can only say what a change in my mare. We have moved yards three times in the last couple of years and she seemed to get more up tight and stressing with each move. Prior to these moves she was a lovely kind but slightly nervous mare competing all disciplines. Culminating in biting when front rug straps buckled, snapping and vigourous tail swishing when groomed between front legs, girth area and stomach. Same behaviour when putting saddle on. Not finishing food then not eating at all. Lashing out sideways when leg applied when schooling. Would stop for no apparent reason when jumping. All in all a very unhappy horse. I thought it was hormonal and spoke with my vets who were brilliant with their support and advice, they did suggest ulcers she is not insured so scoping and GG was not an option, financially. Saddles were checked and a new saddle purchased. Also checked all over by Physios. So I was wondering what else I could try, I heard of Equine Science so thought we would give it a go. I was told I would notice a change in the first few days, well I did and she has improved as we have used the supplement. We are, as I said earlier, nearly completed the course and have rang to Equine Science to let them know how we have got on, as before making any comments I wanted to give GastroPlus a good trial. She is nearly clear of the above symptoms, rugging, tacking up and grooming are all normal, she seems to be feeling very well, just occasionally she will leave some of her bucket feed and return to it later, due to this we are going to do another shorter course on the GastroPlus before progressing to the maintenance product. Thank you so much Equine Science for your product and help and support. I will certainly recommend you.” Wendy Bleloch #GastroPlus #Equine #Science