Thankyou Nicola for your your lovely update…. “We have been using the calmer maintenance powder for our horse has she had compact colic just over a year ago. This was been used by the previous owner and we have kept Jazz on this. It works great as she stays calm which helps with her gut and fingers crossed this is helping her in the long term to reduce the chance of colic. My daughter did a sponsored ride as well a an endurance course and now 3 charity shows and she remains calm as we add the powder in her morning feed when we know we are going out an about. (See below for the time she was a bit out of sorts) The real test – I bought 5 cookies with calmer in them. The other day my daughter changed the feed slightly for Jazz and she went very fizzy and would not settle as much. The following day we where at a show so I took the cookies with us. We gave her half after we got there before her first show and then a full cookie later in the day. (don’t think she’s keen on the texture or taste when we first gave her the half so the next time when we gave her the full one we did this in bits with a few teats and she took this okay) By the end of the day she was back to her calm self and came reserve winner in the championship for in hand” Nicola Harper