Did you know……..When the body is stressed, injured or sick it needs Nitric Oxide in large amounts to heal. As an added benefit, Nitric Oxide, with its highly effective anti-infection and antibacterial properties is used by the white blood cells to kill viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens. Insufficient production of Nitric Oxide can actually slow the body’s own healing process. Unknowingly we often actually use drugs and herbs (i.e. anti-inflammatories) that prevent or weaken the amount of Nitric Oxide that the body produces. Nitric Oxide is beneficial to all areas of the body, it: • Alleviates various forms of pain, arthritis and ailments • Improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health • Increases endurance levels and performance • Improves immune system and combats toxins • Encourages bones and wounds to repair • Aids the body in healing ulcers fast • Decreases post-surgery healing time #Nitric #Oxide #Equine #Science #healthy #horses