Mel & Pauline’s long Journey My horse Mel never really showed any common signs of ulcers and she was always a pleasure to handle and ride. The first and only sign was when she did a rodeo display on two separate occasions in her stable after her saddle had been put on (both episodes were weeks apart). She seemed sore between her front legs, so I got the physio out. Mel nearly killed him and that was when we realised something was very wrong (she’d seen the same physio twice previously and he always described her as his favourite TB). Mel was scoped and diagnosed with Grade 2 & 3 ulcers in October 2015 and put on a course of GastroGuard. All was going well until she was weaned off of it and then they came back again. The vet prescribed another course of GastroGuard, to which the same thing happened again. We were now well into the winter months and she was being scoped approx. every 4 weeks. This started to take its toll on her weight and my vet advised to give Equine Science GastroPlus a go. I contacted Equine Science in February 16 (after another scoping – see picture). They were extremely helpful and we started Mel on the recommended dose of GastroPlus. She started to eat more in her stable and seemed quite content. We had made as many dietary changes as we could back in October, so there was nothing else we could do for her in terms of feeding high fibre etc. I carried on with the GastroPlus for a month and then changed onto the Stomach Function Maintenance with Extra Calmer (we choose the Extra Calmer option as although she doesn’t come across as a stressed horse she can be quite a worrier inside, goes very quiet and stops eating). Mel seemed pretty settled on the Stomach Function Maintenance but we decided long term that moving yards would also benefit her, so in May 16 we moved to a new yard. I gave her a double dose for a few days before and then for 2 weeks after we moved. To me this would be a stressful period for her so we gave her many weeks out at grass at the new yard and was then re-scoped July 16. The ulcers had not got worse but were still slightly apparent, so she spent all summer at grass 24/7 and in light work. We scoped again in October 16 to check the status before she came in overnight for the winter and they had improved in a few more places). We scoped again in January 17 and although I was expecting the worst (after being stabled overnight), much to my surprise there was a big improvement (see pictures). I’m totally amazed by how they have repaired themselves by having a more natural diet and support from the Stomach Function Maintenance Supplement. It has been a very long process and I do believe that perseverance is the key. We now look forward to getting back to competing in the summer and hopefully we can pick up where we left off and do our 1st affiliated Novice dressage test. Regards Pauline & Mel #Stomach #Maintenance #GastroPlus #Calming #Cookies #Equine #Science