Wanted to share something that really works!!!………. I’ve had 4 years of having an overly excited TB (aka Jaffa, aka Ginger Ninja) in the dressage warm up (especially the first event of the season) and not able to get out of him what I can at home. Finally, thanks to Deborah Gibbins from EquineScience, we managed to clear up his ulcers, plus by using their Calming Cookies, managed to get a sub 30 dressage score out of him a few weeks ago at Tweseldown Novice!!!!!!!! 😄 I was so impressed how calm & focused he was, I gave Jewel a Calming Cookie before her first event & she was equally focused & rideable (which she isn’t always, even at home!!) I HIGHLY recommend EquineScience Calming Cookies for anyone who struggles to keep their horses calm & focused for the dressage. Both my horses then had plenty of enthusiasm for the jumping, so didn’t “dull” them in any way. All natural ingredients & legal! 👍 Aiming to get out again with Jewel at Portman & Jaffa at South of England, as long as my knee holds up!!!