Thankyou Alex for your great testimonial, we love hearing your updates! “My Holsteiner x ISH has always been a little lazy to school but the first signs of things getting worse was when her faeces became very loose. Shortly after this, Bella’s behaviour in the field changed. She spent time yawning, licking and head shaking instead of eating. I put her on probiotics initially which improved her faeces but not her unusual behaviour. Her ridden work deteriorated and within 10 days of the first signs of something being wrong and I struggled to get her into a trot let alone canter. She had worn her toes slightly on both back feet over the last 2 weeks (toe dragging) in addition to poor performance under saddle. I googled the combination of behaviours and was led to believe this may be hind gut ulcers. (The colon being towards the right side of the horse gives a reason for the off side hind being more worn with toe dragging than the left).Through a friend and equine client recommending Equine Science, I phoned Deborah who listened to my concerns and recommended Gastro plus for my mare. Her licking, yawning and lack of appetite disappeared in 4 days. I felt comfortable to get on board after 7 days, without causing her discomfort and within 10 days we were cantering and jumping!! Only 20 days into the 30 day treatment and although she occasionally shows signs of fatigue after 20 minutes schooling, my mare has never felt this good. Alex Riesen BSc (Hons), PGCE, Dip ESMT” #GastroPlus