Thankyou Jan for your great Calming Cookie Testimonial “I would just like to let you know how amazingly effective your Calming Cookies are. We have a highly strung (but lovely!) 16hh warmblood who becomes fairly unmanageable at events. His dressage is lovely at home, but he switches off at competitions and refuses to listen, resulting in shockingly high scores. I’ve always been very dubious about calmers, but a friend gave me some Calming Cookies to try. The results were quite amazing. For the first time ever we were able to put studs in his feet when we arrived at a ODE. He had travelled better and did not sweat up on the way there, and he achieved a very respectable dressage score. He really was a different horse, so much easier to handle and much more relaxed and calm. Many thanks for a great product! Kind Regards, Jan Massey” #Calming #Cookies #EquineScience