Thankyou Jo for this great testimonial “Thank goodness for Gastroplus! After being diagnosed with ulcers, Bella was ‘treated’ with omeperazole but as soon as she was weened off, all symptoms returned. After reading such great things about Gastroplus I knew it was time to give Deborah a call and boy did she know her stuff! Within a week Bella changed from being totally unrideable to a comfortable, willing horse ready to return to training. Despite various stressful events including a loading accident, box rest, moving yards and multiple outings, Bella has been completely perfect with no signs of ulcers or discomfort whatsoever. Can’t recommend enough! Picture below of Bella and her trainer competing at BD Novice regionals scoring 69.5% and coming 6th 😃 ” Jo #GastroPlus #EquineScience