Equine Science

My name is Deborah Gibbins. I have been involved in the world of horses for over 40 years – from my early days in Pony Club to now both owning and breeding racehorses.

I am passionate about horses and firmly believe that horses should be fed on totally natural products and supplements, rather than products containing added chemicals and synthetics. I am convinced that the natural approach eliminates the possibility of adverse side effects and results in healthy, happy horses that are able to perform at their optimum level.

I first became aware of Total Health Enhancement products some 5 years ago, when I was running my horse transportation business. My website designer mentioned that, while on a seminar in the US, he had an interesting conversation with a person who sold a new range of equine supplements. I immediately “Googled” the company and discovered their range of totally natural products.

Equine Science Products

Of specific interest was the GastroPlus supplement as a friend’s racehorse was at the time suffering from gastric ulcers. Despite being treated with a leading veterinary product, each time the product was withdrawn, the gastric problems recurred – causing pain, discomfort, loss of condition and performance. I persuaded my friend to order a bag to give it a try.

Well, I can honestly say the product gave this horse his life back, literally. He became calm, started eating normally, gained condition, raced well and produced results. I began to understand the power of Nitric Oxide and investigated their other products. All produced great results and I started to recommend them to friends…. Before long the whole thing spiralled into so many orders that I was given the opportunity to become European Distributor for the products and Equine Science Limited was born.


That was a few years ago now and the rest is history, as they say! I now have many happy customers and have formed some wonderful friendships. I enjoy hearing how horses are progressing and sharing in the results, be it a Grade 1 winning racehorse or how well a cheeky pony club pony has travelled to his local show!

I am always happy to discuss your individual requirements, each horse is different and we like to know exactly what the horse is doing so that the right product can be recommended. The back up in the USA is fantastic; the scientist who develops the formulas is ready to speak to vets and look at histology reports, as well as tailor make a formula for a specific need.


When I am not working (!), I am always with my four legged friends; Megan and Lara, my rescue dogs or with my broodmare, her foals and youngstock or watching my horses in training or racing. We all adore our horses, I am no different, and so I feel it is only right we should do our best for them.


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