BOX REST!!! It can be a traumatic time for both horse and owner when your horse has to box rest and especially when it is months rather than weeks. Our Calming Cookies are extremely effective for this situation giving the horse a feeling of wellbeing and focus. If given 3-4 consecutive days, it gets into their heads that it might not be so bad, box resting after all! In many cases you dont need to give another cookie again or just now and again as they are able to learn as they still have their faculties!


“Fabulous products that really work. Highly recommended. Deborah Gibbins is very helpful and can explain everything you need to know to keep your horses healthy and happy.” Gayle White

ANOTHER WONDERFUL TESTIMONIAL FOR GASTROPLUS AND INFLAMMATION RELIEF My gelding had a huge belly on him which looked so distorted!!! Went onto the GastroPLus and Inflammation Relief. The pictures speak for themselves absolutely amazing and his coat is looking wonderful!! #GastroPlus #Inflammation #relief #equine #horse

DISTRIBUTORS AND AGENTS REQUIRED: This is a great opportunity to become involved with Equine Science Ltd in promoting and selling our unique products in the UK and Ireland. Please contact us on 07860 158052 or 01344 425564 #HorseHour

Equine Science provides a cutting edge line of nutritional formulas for health, maintenance, competition and recovery for your athletic equine. We pride ourselves in being a company that you can trust and depend on, and most importantly, to help you the best we possibly can. We understand each horse is different and needs a supplement specific to their needs, you will be providing your horse with the best products possible to improve their stamina, strength and faster recovery time. Our goal is to consistently provide you with the best products, service and price. #Equine #Science #health #horses

Did you know……..When the body is stressed, injured or sick it needs Nitric Oxide in large amounts to heal. As an added benefit, Nitric Oxide, with its highly effective anti-infection and antibacterial properties is used by the white blood cells to kill viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens. Insufficient production of Nitric Oxide can actually slow the body’s own healing process. Unknowingly we often actually use drugs and herbs (i.e. anti-inflammatories) that prevent or weaken the amount of Nitric Oxide that the body produces. Nitric Oxide is beneficial to all areas of the body, it: • Alleviates various forms of pain, arthritis and ailments • Improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health • Increases endurance levels and performance • Improves immune system and combats toxins • Encourages bones and wounds to repair • Aids the body in healing ulcers fast • Decreases post-surgery healing time #Nitric #Oxide #Equine #Science #healthy #horses

Thankyou Jo for your lovely update 🙂 “Just wanted to give you an update on my mare after a course of Gastroplus and Gastroplus Extend. She is now on the Stomach Maintenance with extra calmer and I’m so pleased we found your products. What a difference! Before using your products my daughter was too scared to ride her. 😃Thank you!” Jo Laughton #GastroPlus #GastroPlusExtend #EquineScience

Thankyou Claire Billard for this great testimonial, we LOVE hearing your Equine Science updates!! ❤ "My mare Coco had grade 4 squamous and glandular ulcers – she scoped clear after being treated with both Gastrogard and sucralfate, within a few days of stopping treatment she had started napping and was grumpy to tack up.I was recommended GastroPlus® and have been amazed! She is like a different horse, no longer plants herself and is so much better to tack up. Last night I put a rug on her for the first time in ages and she didn't try to bite me!!! I can honestly say it is a wonderful product and I now have a lovely horse that I can ride!!!! Thank you Equine Science."

Digestive help and advice for your Horses find out more #GastroPlus #Gastric #Ulcers #Maintenence

Blood flow is a crucial part to having a healthy hoof and a healthy horse! THE#Equine #Edge uses Nitric Oxide Technology which helps to increase blood flow. This very important signaling molecule is a powerful antioxidant. It widens blood vessels improving flow to the tissues, organs and muscles. By widening the vessels it improves blood circulation throughout the whole body. Nitric Oxide also works as an anti-inflammatory. This molecule is used by the body to repair cells, defend cells and maintain cells. THE NitrOxide specifically increases blood flow and has proven itself time and time again to be effective at helping the body rid itself of laminitis. THE #Hoof #Salve also increase the blood flow throughout the hoof therefore being very effective at helping the hoof to grow. #equine #science #natural #NitricOxide #horse